Located in the heart of Tacoma since 1936, DP&C understands the importance of the manufacturing industry in our local market as well as for the nation. With foreign competition and the rising cost of materials and fuel, today’s manufacturers face steep challenges in being competitive while remaining profitable.

Are you taking advantage of the taxation benefits available as a domestic producer in the United States? Would you benefit from receiving help in understanding UNICAP, or the regulations associated with out-of-state sales? Perhaps you have questions regarding the application of manufacturing overhead to cost of sales or are looking for advice on strengthening internal controls on the factory floor; we have the resources and the professional staff to assist our clients in tackling these tough questions as well as to provide essential financial and tax reporting services in a courteous and timely manner.

The top four missed opportunities for manufacturers are:

  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction
  • Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC)
  • Cost segregation study on their building
  • Sales and B&O Tax minimization analysis

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