Utility Cooperatives

Does your co-op have an accountant and advisor with the depth and experience that comes from serving multiple co-ops just like yours? Whether your utility company is organized as a cooperative or as a mutual company in the State of Washington, we fully understand the cooperative structure. We strive to provide exceptional service to ensure that the members of utility cooperatives know they are with a firm that cares about their success as if it were our own.

We understand that utility cooperatives are a very unique industry that requires expertise and experience. In our continued commitment to provide quality services, our firm is a member of the Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association (WRECA). We are committed to attending relevant national and local conferences associated with the WRECA, NRECA and the CFC. These associations provide us with accounting and tax education uniquely tailored to our 501(c)(12) utility cooperatives. This access allows us to fully understand the differences and similarities of utility cooperatives compared to other companies. It also provides us with networking and professional development opportunities that support the utility cooperatives’ interests in standard setting processes, enabling us to effectively service our clients.

In addition, we have extensive knowledge and expertise with the Washington State Public Utility Tax. We have had success in assisting our clients through various deductions and exemptions available specifically to water and electric utilities.

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