Why You Should File Your Tax Return Early

February 8th, 2023

Tax filing season officially began on Monday, January 23rd. Not many people file that early, but for some taxpayers it makes sense to do so. Here are some common reasons to consider filing early:

  • You want to avoid identity theft. One of the more popular scams by identity thieves is to impersonate someone, file a tax return on their behalf and swipe their refund check. But once you’ve filed your tax return, the window of opportunity for identity thieves closes. If you’ve had problems with your identity being stolen in the past, or your information has been compromised, consider filing as early as you can.
  • You want to avoid a dependent dispute. One of the most common reasons a tax return is rejected by the IRS is when you try to claim a dependent who has already been claimed by someone else. This often occurs when there is shared custody of a child.
  • Someone needs a completed tax return from you. Completing certain transactions require your most recent tax return as evidence of your income, for example when you buy a house. Consider filing your tax return early so you can provide current tax information. This is especially important if you are self-employed and don’t have regular salaried pay stubs to use as proof of income.
  • You need the refund ASAP. Of course, everyone would like their refund as soon as possible. One thing to remember is that while the IRS started accepting returns in January, they won’t begin processing them until mid-February. Returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit will see processing of their returns after February 15. Otherwise, the sooner your tax return is in the queue, the sooner you should receive your refund.
  • You just want to get it out of the way. Nothing reduces the stress of filing your tax return better than simply getting it done. Instead of thinking about your return for several months and potentially running into a time crunch as the April filing deadlines closes in, you may want to just get it over with and file your return as soon as you are able.

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